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More Than Neighbours
Special moments between husband and wife.
Gabriela - The Portuguese Maid.
Xana - Portuguese Porn Star. (Vintage Scene)
Mistress vs Maid. Isabel and Beatriz - Portuguese HQ.
The Unfaithful Wife. (Portuguese full-movie)
Xana & Lola - Christmas Time by Portuguese Women.
Ana Paula Melo & Cristina Junior - Portuguese jealous housewive beat down by a hooker.
Xana, Carina e Filipa - Portuguese Casting.
A Criadinha Portuguesa -  Portuguese full movie. (Gabriela)
He hired the two women at the same time.
Portuguese Hookers
Vania - Portuguese woman applying for a job.
Tita e Samanta - Portuguese girls.
Vania,Tita and Samanta - All Portuguese Women Scene.
Carina with a man. (Portuguese Vintage)
Portuguese whore. (Vintage)
Gabriela -Portuguese profissional hooker does it with her client and his maid.
Xana - Portuguese hooker seduces an English woman.
Ana Paula Melo & Liliana - A Portuguese woman's fantasies.
SH Retro Pornstars Angelica Bella Loves To Be Double P
Xana and Lola - Portuguese Road Hookers in a Hard Girl-Girl.
A plumber and a liberal wife.
Filipa - Debut in a porno scene. (Portuguese Vintage)


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